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National Water Safety Month

    National Water Safety Month.

    Keep your little heroes safe this summer.

    1. Always supervise children when swimming, bathing or playing in water.
    2. Wear a Coast Guard approved life jacket if you can’t swim.
    3. Don’t swallow the water and avoid swimming when you have diarrhea.
    4. Teach kids to swim – it’s the best way to stay safe in the water.

    In celebration of National Water Safety Month, Alwaseet pools encourages all pool and owners to take a moment to ensure a safe and enjoyable summer. From securing your pool from unauthorized access to checking for outdated equipment or newly available technologies, now is the perfect time to make sure your layers of safety protection are firmly in place.

    We presents this safety checklist:

    Constant Adult Supervision.  Never leave children unattended in or near water. Never use floatation devices in place of supervision.

    Educate. Teach children to swim and make sure they understand basic water safety. Don’t leave toys or other items around a pool that would attract a child’s attention. To encourage children to be safe around water.

    Replace Drain Covers. Get rid of old or broken drain covers and install anti-entrapment or safety drain covers that are compliant with safety laws.

    Use Pumps Properly. Never run your pump at speeds higher than the recommended maximum, as high water velocity can contribute to suction entrapment.

    Mark the Cut-off Switch. Make sure the emergency shut-off is clearly marked by a permanent, easily visible sign.

    Maintain Fencing. Install fencing at least four feet high around the perimeter with door and/or gate alarms that warn you when someone enters the pool area.

    Cover Up.  Install covers over the pool and lockable covers on your hot tub.

    Have Working Gates. Install gates that are self-closing and self-latching; never prop them open.

    Store Supplies Safely.  Keep all cleaners, chemicals and maintenance supplies in a locked storage area away from children and pets. Check labels for proper storage and expiration dates and follow manufacturers’ guidelines.

    Be First Aid & Rescue Ready.  Keep a phone, rescue equipment, such as life rings or a shepherd’s crook, and a first aid kit with CPR and emergency information at poolside. Encourage family members to become trained in CPR, first aid and emergency response. Conduct family safety drills.

    Ask the Pro. An APSP Certified Building Professional or Certified Service Professional. Alwaseet Pools can help you inspect and prepare your pool and hot tub for a safe season of fun and relaxation.