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Swimming pool, lakes, Jacuzzi, water features and spa construction

ALWASEET POOLS offers all types of swimming pool construction including skimmer, overflow, infinity and liner pools. ALWASEET also constructed giant lakes, which are used for multiple purposes. Water features such as fountains and artificial waterfalls are included in our work scape. On top of that, ALWASEET offers spa and Jacuzzi construction which includes hot tubs, sauna and steam room.

Our team of specialised pricing engineers, project managers, quality controllers with capability to carry out several types of projects, starting from design, construction, installation and up to operating and final delivery. The strategy of this sector depends on studying and meeting with clients to achieve requirements.

The strategy based on two provisions represented in quality and customer satisfaction, installations in the company is a vital part of the company’s activities where the sector executes the biggest projects whether in governmental sector or private sector where the installations sector in the company provides its respectable customers with several services such as detailed engineering designs, supplying and managing projects, as well as the works of checkup, synthesis and standardization in our responsibility and commitment to deliver the projects within specified deadline, where the installations department in the company deals with the most modernized technologies and systems in the field of customers relations management from organizing times schedule movement in order to complete installation process within previously specified deadlines according to studying the requirements of each project, the department also possesses two giant storehouses with very large storing capacity and equipped by the most modernized technologies.

The thing that leads to providing all requirements of projects from materials at any possible time which helps us to quickly achieve the project in suitable time, moreover, the department uses customers communication services to provide them by any new developments and about the deadlines planned for the visits and that prescribed for each of installation phases, the company also cooperates with major international companies and factories to supply our projects.

Pool maintenance

The tasks of this department lays in maintenance process in its different types from periodical or contingent maintenance, and we have executed several maintenance projects in governmental and private sectors.

Where the department has working team from specialists, technicians and quality controllers who are able to execute maintenance works for several types of projects starting from cleaning by the most modernized equipment and secured chemicals that are supervised by a team of certified pool operators. The maintenance department in ALWASEET POOLS is an important part of the company activities where this sector is dealing with major projects whether in governmental or private sectors where the maintenance sector in the company provides its respectable customers by several services such as technical and detailed consultations, training and implementation on cleaning systems of the customer according to his requirement, as well as checkup and standardization works with our responsibility and commitment by the specified deadline for each periodical visit according to the specified deadlines for each customer where the maintenance department in the company is dealing with the most modernized technologies and systems in the field of customers relations management from organizing the deadlines movement to complete maintenance process within the specified and planned deadlines for each customer, this sector bases on well-advised and developed administrative system in its performance and it is the foundation for quality performance in the department the thing that enabling implementation of international standards in maintenance process, and the sector is obliged to provide the client with good services according to international standards and criteria and there is a squadron of vehicles and technicians for this department throughout Kuwait areas through which the operations are achieved quickly and in anywhere in Kuwait.

Pool maintenance contracts include routine visits to maintain water quality, equipment quality and consumable parts replacements. Contracts can be offered to residential and public pools and clients can choose the number of weekly visits that are suggested by our engineers regarding the size and equipment of the pool. A basic maintenance contract includes the following.

1- Routine pool cleaning and vacuum.

2- Remove any water-damaging obstructions by suction and vacuum cleaners.

3- Filter back wash.

4- Pre-Filter cleaning

5- Conducting the necessary inspection and calibration of water and controlling chlorine and PH ratio.

6- Periodic check of the performance of filters and remove grease deposited on the surface.

7- Periodic check of pump performance with lubrication and maintenance of friction parts.

8- Periodic inspection of electrical connections and repairs.

9- Check for all plumping connections within the equipment room and handle any leaks upon client approval.

10- Periodic calibration and operation of control and operation devices.

11- Periodic inspection of the pool lighting system and the replacement of the damaged lights upon client approval.

12- Balance tank cleaning.

13- Pool gutter cleaning.

Pool equipment and accessory sales

 The latest technology and most reliable pool equipment, products and accessories are We wo available at ALWASEET POOLS showroom. Customers are welcome to visit our showroom to see our wide pool equipment selection from various international suppliers.

We work closely with top swimming pool equipment and supply manufacturers to deliver to you the broadest selection of swimming pool supplies anywhere. Not just the normal pumps, filters, heaters and cleaners from the likes of Hayward, Pentair, Elecro and Astral, but from literally hundreds of other pool supply and equipment manufacturers, in 35 categories. We pack thousands of pool products at our showroom,

ALWASEET POOLS  products are always brand new in the box, and has the full factory warranty, from the pool product manufacturer (Hayward, Pentair, Astral..). Most returns are allowed within 30 days, but some of our items such as pool chemicals, pool covers and pool liners are non-returnable. Contact our sales department for return policy.

We specialize in having a broad assortment of pool supplies and accessories, and carry the top name brands that you know, as well as some regional favourites who create inventive pool care and repair items, or useful and fun pool products. If you need replacement pool parts for your pool equipment, Visit our expansive showroom, and for help selecting the correct pool part or replacement pool equipment, please call our helpful sales department! But more than great products at great prices, you’ll find tons of meaningful how-to content to help you buy, install, diagnose, repair and maintain your pool equipment.